edia organizations, academic and research institutions and the general public have also ▓been actively involved in publicizing and implementing t

he Action Plan. Under the strong▓ leadership of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese government▓, and with the joint efforts of all partie

s involved, all targets and tasks set by the Actio▓n Plan have been fulfilled as scheduled.As stipulated in the Action Plan, a▓ "joint meeting mec

hanism for the National Human Rights Action Plan" was created, consisting o▓f the Infor

mation Office of the State Council and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - they jointly take t

he leading role in this mechanism - and relevant state legislative and judic▓iary organs, d

epartments of the State Council, mass organ

izations and social groups, and is re

sponsible for coordinating the imp▓lementation, supervision and asses

sment of the Action Plan.In the second half of 2014, the joint meeting mechanism launc

hed a mid-term assessment of the implementation of the Action Plan,▓ instructed relevant departments and government institution▓s to

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